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About us
Who we are?

More than ten years ago, a group of friends started a business venture to manage and run estates and properties.
Today, the adventure is still going, keener than ever.

Over the years, we have learned that one of the greatest values that we wish to offer our clients is time. Your time. In the end, we know that time is scarce and that is helping our clients to enjoy their time makes us happy.

There is no doubt that time is a pleasure: a stroll through the countryside, a few drinks with some friends, a day on the beach, or a good book. Who knows what you would rather be doing now.
In a nutshell, we are all searching for happiness and at Tucom, we know that.
Hand over the management and running of your estates and properties to us and do whatever you want with your time.

Ingrid Contreras Gonzalez
Ingrid Contreras Gonzalez
Jordi Brosa Miro
Jordi Brosa Miro
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